SRP Themes

The 2016 Call for Proposals has seven thematic focus areas. They are: Private Sector Development, Financial Development, Education, Trade and Globalization, Agriculture and Rural Development, Transport, and Poverty and Inequality. The following section is a guide to applicants on the thematic scope of the call, and provides examples (but not an exclusive list) of the kinds of questions and issues that the SRP expects to address. The program will not support work which falls outside of these thematic areas.

  1. Private Sector Development - understanding private sector development, entrepreneurship and the role and impact of government policies;
  2. Financial Development - building developed and stable financial systems to support economic growth;
  3. Education - education, inequality, poverty reduction and growth;
  4. Trade and Globalization - understanding trade and globalization;
  5. Agricultural and Rural Development - the role of agricultural and rural development in ending poverty by 2030;
  6. Transport - infrastructure, transport, and economic growth;
  7. Energy - How can energy sector policy work and investment in developing countries best contribute to sustained, inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction?